The ideal way to ensure your lingerie lasts is to wash it by hand. This can be done in the sink or in a small basin. Lingerie should be washed in cold or lukewarm water using a mild, echo-friendly detergent. Harsh soaps and detergents should be avoided as they can damage delicate materials. If there are any tough stains on the lingerie, you can dab a bit of detergent on the spot and rinse separately after a few minutes. Do not soak your lingerie for more than 30 minutes.

​Additional Tips:

  • Wash padded areas carefully, paying special attention to areas that trap sweat.

  • Take care not to crush or wring lingerie as it can deform the shape. To drain water from a bra, place the cup of the bra in the palm of your hand and gently press your other first into the cup. 

  • Thoroughly rinse all detergent from lingerie. Over time detergent can damage and weaken fibers causing bras to loosen. 

  • ​Wash dark and light colored lingerie separately.

Although not recommended, lingerie can be cleaned in a washing machine as well. 

When machine washing your lingerie, the ideal method is to utilize a lingerie bag, These bags are typically a light mesh material that allow water and detergent to drain from your lingerie. The bag also protects your bra and lingerie from being stretched out and deformed, and protects the under wire from being twisted and potentially puncturing through the bra.

Additional Tips:

  • Before placing lingerie into the bag, fasten all bra hooks and clasps. This will help bras maintain their shape and keep hooks from catching on other materials.
  • ​Wash dark and light colored lingerie separately.
  • All delicate should be washed using the cold cycle rather than hot or warm. Most washing machines also have a "delicate" or "hand wash cycle" which are recommended when washing lingerie.


The ideal way to dry lingerie is to allow it to air dry either by laying it out on a towel or hanging it.
When air drying, avoid direct sunlight as it may cause lingerie coloring to fade. Prior to air drying, gently squeeze excess water from lingerie. Avoid wringing out your lingerie as it may damage its natural shape.
Although not recommended, if machine drying your delicates, a lingerie bag should be used. Prior to placing your delicates into the lingerie bag, fasten all bra hooks and clasps. Dry delicates using a short cycle on low heat.


Bras that are washed, dried, and stored correctly will not only last longer but will also provide you with better support. We recommend that you replace your bras every 6 to 9 months, depending on your bust size and how many bras you have in rotation. Over time, the elastic in a bra band wears out and stops offering support. This is especially true for everyday bras and full figure bras. 


​1. Bust Circumference
This measurement should be taken at the fullest part of the bust. ​This measurement is only used on overbust style corsets.

2. Waist Circumference

Measured where your torso   is smallest in circumference.

​3. Hip Circumference
This is not necessarily your full hip measurement. When standing, lift your leg and place your finger where the leg articulates into the pelvis. Take the hip measurement at this height.


When it comes to making sure your lingerie lasts, storage is as important as the washing and drying process.

Lingerie can be stored carefully  in lined drawers, hung with hangers, or stored in containers specially designed for lingerie. 

Whether storing in drawers or hanging, the important thing to remember is to avoid folding or crushing your lingerie. The shape of the lingerie, particularly the cups, should be maintained during storage so that is does not become damaged or disfigured. Never invert one cup into the other, doing so can disfigure the bra. When traveling, pack your push up and padded bras separately. Pack them one on top of the other and fill the cups with panties or socks to hold the shape. 


A great-fitting bra is one of the best ways to ensure clothes fit just right, are more comfortable and look better. Start by knowing how to measure for your bra size, by following this bra fit guide. 


1. V neck over-bust corset
2. Straight over-bust corset
3. Under-bust corset
4. Plunge neckline, over-bust corset
5. Sweetheart over-bust corset 
6. Over-bust corset
7. Over-bust with lace trims

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