Looking for that something extra to have that perfect bra fit just the way you want? Look no further than our accessory line for exactly what you need.  We have push up pads for anyone looking to enhance their cleavage. Extensions can be a great way to give a little extra to that bra that’s feeling just a little tight. Want to know the proper way to care for your bra, don’t forget to check out our lingerie wash it's perfect for caring for all your undergarments.  Bra straps digging into your shoulders causing pain, try our shoulder cushions for some nice relief.  Having  a  problem  with  show  through?  Our  breast  petals  are  the  perfect  solution  to your  problem.

Soft Push Up Pads

These  pads are very soft and comfortable and they

will make you look more sexy, charming and self-confident​

 Transparent Bra Strap Impact Shoulder Cushions

Bra strap tuck securely into the pads

Eliminates painful bra strap pressure
Ends annoying bra strap drops and slippage

Clear Invisible Bra Shoulder Strap
See-thru Elastic Strap with Transparent
​Adjusted Slider

Bra Clip Buckles
Webbing Bra Buckles Shadow-Shaped Buckle Conceal clear bra strap Bra clip cleavage​

 Bra Buckle  Extenders 
2-4 Hooks
Has 2-4 rows of eyelets so you can attach it to any bra & customize the length
for optimal comfort

Gel Shoulder Cushions, Fashion Forms 6310

Reduce pressure on your shoulders and keep straps from slipping with these soft, easy to use shoulder cushions. Made of polyester with silicone gel interior, each pack contains two sets of shoulder cushions. Cushion holds strap in place with a hook-and-loop closure tab. Contours to your shoulder. Simply lift closure tab up, position cushion lengthwise under bra strap, and close tab over top of strap, simple and easy to adjust. 

Pambra's Tummy Liners 

Do you perspire under/between breasts?

Do you find underwire bras irritating?

​Does the elastic under your bra bother you?

Tummy Liners ​provides comfort all day!

 Back Corset Extender 
1-8 Hooks

Corset back extender is used
to add more extra room
and comfort to lingerie  ​
​that are too tight

Breast Petals 


One size fits most


Forever New
Fabric Care Wash

Pure, organic fabric wash formulated to gently clean, brighten and promote longer life
​for all fine washables

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